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Our apartments for rent in Debina are located in a small village by the sea between Ustka and Rowy. They are a little away from the hustle and bustle of tourists to ensure peace and comfortable holiday for our guests. Debina Comfort are located in the first line of buildings (350m to the sea). In such conditions you can easily rest and relax away from the crowded cities. All around there are picturesque bicycle routes towards Ustka and Leba. It is an ideal place for families with children and nature lovers who appreciate peace and quiet.
We encourage you to contact us with any questions and to book a stay in one of our apartments.

• Underground parking (1 parking place) included in price
• Pets paid additionally
• Apartment fully equipped

• Towels, hair and underwear dryer in the apartment
• Balcony
• Roof terrace



5 persons

3 beds

Area 25 m2

Price from 320 zł/night


5 persons

3 beds

Area 27 m2

Price from 340 zł/night


The Winding Track Trail

This magnificent trail connecting Ustka with Smołdzino is probably the first in Poland to be laid on the embankment of an inactive railway line. It constitutes a fragment of the international cycling route R10, running around the Baltic Sea. The Winding Tracks Trail captivates with its scenic and natural values, leading through protected landscape areas, as well as the Słowiński National Park buffer zone. The route is well marked and developed. A few so-called cycling stations are roofed resting points for tourists.
The basic part of the trail is 23 km long and connects Ustka with Rowy. However, there is a possibility of extending the trip to about 60 km and reaching Rowy through a loop around Lake Gardno. You can return to Ustka from Rowy along the same route or along the 20 km red trail through Dębina, Poddąbie and Orzechowo.

Swolowo - Checkered Land

The village of Swołowo, located in the Słupsk municipality, is one of the most interesting Kashubian villages in Pomerania and is hailed as the capital of the “Checkered Land”. There are 70 timber-framed buildings still inhabited. Swołowo is a rare type of square village, called oval village, with a pond in the middle, creating a modern open-air museum. There are 15 museum objects here, located in three different places in the village. A monument worth seeing is the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the beginning of the 17th century. It is also necessary to visit the magnificent farmstead of the Albrecht family, who lived here since the 16th century. Buildings and farmsteads in this area were constructed with a skeleton of wooden beams lubricated with black tar. The walls were filled with clay mixed with chaff, sawdust and shavings. 

Dinosaur Park in Leba

The Dinosaur Park covers an area of more than 20 hectares, offering many attractions that will make unforgettable experiences not only for children. A visit to the park is an interesting educational adventure for small children and great fun for big fans of the biggest reptiles in history. You will meet here not only three-dimensional reptiles of natural size, but also you will be able to search for gold in the old mine, ride a Flintstones vehicle or a Dino train, watch movies in 7D, or experience adventure in the Castle of Fear.

Moving Dunes

Ruchome Wydmy is the main attraction of Leba. About 9 km east of Leba, on the spit formed by the sea and Lake Lebsko, there are mountains of sand. They are called “Ruchome Wydmy” (moving dunes) because they move westward (towards Leba) with a speed of about 9m per year.
A bicycle path leads from Leba to the moving dunes. In Rąbka (about 2 km outside Łeba) you need to buy an entrance ticket to the Slowinski National Park. In front of the dunes themselves, there are paid bicycle parking facilities.


5 Persons
5 Persons
11.06 - 26.06
320 zł
340 zł
26.06 - 02.07
350 zł
380 zł
02.07 - 09.07
420 zł
460 zł
09.07 - 20.08
520 zł
590 zł
20.08 - 27.08
340 zł
420 zł


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Sea Comfort in Poddabie
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Sea Comfort in Poddabie
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